What would you want from a Homeowner Association Landscaping Maintenance company?

The last time the Homeowners Association of your neighborhood met they agreed to cut costs by hiring some college kids to do the mowing, tree and bush trimming and general landscaping. Unfortunately you got what you paid for. The bulk of the crew only showed up twice the entire summer. One kid stepped on Mrs. O’Malley’s azaleas. On another one of the workers let Mr. Owen’s prize poodle out. The crowing disaster was these kids had put too much fertilizer on the lawn in front of the club house and left a large ugly spot of dead grass.

Using a professional Homeowner Association Landscaping Maintenance crew your Homeowner’s Association can rest easy and so can your budget. A good landscaping maintenance company will do several jobs as part of the landscaping contract.

Depending on the area and your contract you will receive grass cutting services, tree and bush trimming, mulching, fertilizer, weed control and even snow removal. With a professional landscaping maintenance you will get regular visits and polite and courteous landscapers. When the winter months arrive your homeowner’s association won’t have to find a snow removal company because the landscaping maintenance company takes care of that.

If you choose; your landscape maintenance contract can include seasonal enhancements. This means a spring clean-up, in summer they can plant the appropriate flowers and plants to increase curb appeal, in the fall they will rake leaves and plant bulbs for spring.

If you are like most people who live in an area where there is a homeowner’s association; you have invested a lot of money into your home as well as your neighborhood. You wanted to live in an area where each homeowner wants curb appeal for their homes. Don’t leave your exterior maintenance projects to fly-by-nighters or part time landscapers.

If you have had enough of the para-professional landscapers it is time for you to contact us.