Taking Care of Severe Winter Weather Troubles with Expert Homeowner Association Landscaping Maintenance

Like much of the rest of the East Coast, North Carolina has been hit with snow and has been experiencing the general brutally cold and violent weather that set in at the start of 2014.
This kind of weather can damage property and require a speedy and effective response in order to preserve the health and appearance of your outdoor spaces. The following are some of the tasks that generally need to be seen to after a winter storm and during cold spells:
• Downed trees or branches. You may need to clear away fallen trees and branches that are posing a hazard to people and giving your property a rundown look. Landscaping professionals can carry out these removals safely and thoroughly.
• Pruning trees. If trees on your property have sustained damage, they may need to be pruned or trimmed to look good again and to preserve their health for the coming spring.
• Clearing away snow. Snow that accumulates on hardscapes and other areas outdoors needs to be cleared away as soon as possible before the excess moisture results in damage. For instance, excessive moisture can cause hardscapes to buckle and crack.
• Checking for snow mold. Your lawn could be susceptible to snow mold, in which a fungus develops in the cold moisture.
• De-icing pavement. Ice is a hazard to people and to vehicles, but you also need to clear it away correctly. Using the wrong deicing agents or incorrect techniques can cause damage to your hardscapes.
• Checking the health of plants. When there’s a sudden and severe cold spell, plants may die or suffer other serious effects. It’s a good time to check on the health of your plants and ensure that they’re still surviving.
• Checking irrigation systems for damage. In freezing weather, sprinkler systems may sustain damage and stop functioning the way they should. You would need to check them out and get any problems addressed immediately.
For the best Homeowner Association landscaping maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact landscaping experts. Even in North Carolina, winter weather can be severe and unpredictable, but with timely maintenance, your property will receive the care and protection it needs.