Spring is Here, Are Your Irrigation Systems Ready?

Irrigation Systems are great for keeping our landscapes looking beautiful. However, they do need attention and preventative attention can save you money.

Spring is the time to request service to ensure your irrigation systems are ready for the hot summer months. You want peak performance to save water and energy, and to keep your landscaping at its best. While it’s best to have a professional check and prepare your irrigation system, it’s also best to know what they should do and what to expect. Here is a checklist you can use to have a conversation about your system and to ensure everything is done correctly.

1. Manual drains should be closed. These were probably opened and left opened when your irrigation system was drained to prevent freezing.

2. Main valve needs to be opened. This needs to be done slowly and as it is done, checking for leaks as the pipes begin to fill with water.

3. The mainline needs to be pressurized and the trapped air released from the pipes. You want the pipes and sprinkler heads to be filled with water, not air. This will help avoid those burst of water and will stop damage from the air pressure in pipes.

4. Your entire irrigation system should be checked one zone at a time. While checking, the professionals should be looking for sprinkler heads that need replaced, leaking, irregular spray patterns, and clogged nozzles. Most of these problems can be fixed immediately. If there is a significant pipe leak, you might have to schedule that at a later time.

We specialize in checking and repairing your irrigation system and welcome talking through this checklist with you. Please contact us to request service.