Proper Shopping Center Maintenance Will Boost Traffic and Sales

One of the best reasons for professional Shopping Center Maintenance, is to increase the shopping traffic at the center. Customers frequently make judgements about where to shop based on the appearance of the buildings. If the store or the center appears run-down, shabby or neglected, customers are likely to take their business elsewhere.

An article appeared in in the San Jose, Ca area, describing the dismal state of a local shopping center. It’s appearance was rather derelict with little shrubbery or beautification. It was old in style and businesses were forced to move out when their sales did not keep pace with their rents.

What a difference new landscaping would make! While it may not be possible to add or replace trees or bushes due to limitations of sidewalks and driveways, it is always possible to add containers for plantings. With regular maintenance and changing plantings for each season, the entire look of the building changes from dismal to dazzling.

Numerous studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that greenery in commercial spaces leads to more spending of the green. In a paper entitled The Economic Value of LandscapingDr. Leonard Perry of the University of Vermont states that:

A survey in the south showed that almost 3/4 of the public preferred to patronize stores that were well-landscaped, including landscaped parking lots.”

And further, “Figures from Washington state indicate the public has more positive perceptions about businesses that have trees and green space, and are willing to pay 10 percent more for products purchased in such green areas. “

Owners of commercial buildings would be able to justify increased rents with new landscaping that brings increased traffic and sales to the location. This type of increase in your bottom line will more than pay for the cost of new landscaping.

Long Brothers Landscaping can design a complete landscape plan that will update the appearance of your commercial building and encourage shoppers or renters alike to consider your building first when deciding where to shop or rent space. With continued regular maintenance to keep the plantings lush and well-tended, customers will find your building appealing and discover a new interest in the stores and businesses located there. Contact us to discover how we can increase your bottom line with new landscaping and shopping center maintenance.