Professional Irrigation Systems Protect Your Landscape Investment

Lush green landscaping and lawns are essential for adding color and vibrancy to any office or residential development, while softening the hard edges around buildings and pavement. Well tended outdoor areas bring life to the property, showing that the owners and tenants take pride in caring for their surroundings. Green residential and commercial districts promote positive perceptions that attract and retain tenants and customers.

Professionally designed and installed irrigation systems ensure that colors stay vibrant, and lawns remain uniformly green. Sprinklers need to be well placed and maintained to avoid dry patches or overlapping areas.

Automation allows for watering schedules to be optimized for maximum efficiency. Watering should be timed for the cool early morning or late evening hours to reduce loss through evaporation. Automated systems can automatically adjust watering schedules to accommodate changing local weather and temperature conditions.

Proper irrigation placement and control is necessary to satisfy water conservation standards and regulations, which become more stringent in times of drought and extreme heat. Watering restrictions during a drought require careful monitoring to keep turf alive and green, while watering is kept to a minimum.

Soil sensors are used to prevent over watering. Just as too little water can result in costly replacement of dried turf and wilted plants, too much water can result in drooping leaves, soggy ground, moss growth and wasted water.

One inch of water during each watering cycle is typically recommended to ensure proper hydration of turf roots. Irrigation needs to be adjusted for various soil and turf types; and for areas with trees, bushes or flower beds.

Irrigation systems require periodic inspections to check for leaks, kinks and breakage. Nozzles should be checked for clogs, which can result from debris or mineral build up. Sprinkler heads should be checked and adjusted to ensure smooth and proper movement, and to make sure the coverage area is accurate.

Irrigation systems are generally automatic and worry free. But to keep them that way, they do require periodic attention and maintenance to keep your landscaping green and beautiful.

Long Brothers Landscaping has served the commercial and residential landscaping needs of North Carolina since 1984. Whatever your landscaping and maintenance needs may be, we have the expertise and capacity to install and manage them. If you need a professionally installed irrigation system, contact us for a consultation and quote.