Multi-family Property Landscaping Maintenance helps keep your units full

The importance of multi-family property landscaping maintenance can’t be underestimated. The right landscaping around your property can not only help you draw new tenants in, but can also be a contributing factor in keeping them once they arrive.

Whether you advertise your property in glossy magazines or via the Internet, one thing you need is good photographs of your community. One thing that will make your property shine in these pictures is the right landscaping. If you display images of blossoming flowers and well-trimmed shrubbery, this will make your apartments appear attractive. If the complex doesn’t look attractive in photographs, chances are that potential tenants will never even visit you in the first place.

Once you’ve attracted new tenants, it’s easier to keep them there than it is to try to find new ones. The right landscaping could just be one of the biggest factors that determine whether or not these tenants renew their leases or go elsewhere. If their surroundings are pleasant, they’ll be more likely to stay. If the landscape is dull and boring, they could want to move elsewhere as soon as they get an opportunity to do so.

Just because renters live in an apartment complex doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the outdoors. Many people enjoy walking around their communities, and prefer to do so on well-landscaped grounds. If they are able to do this, they’ll be less likely to look elsewhere for a place to rent. Likewise, the fact that tenants can relax on their balconies while looking over your well-kept grounds will also make them more likely to stay in your community rather than going elsewhere.

Here at Long Brothers Landscaping, we know how time-consuming it can be to keep your multi-family community well landscaped. Rather than trying to keep up with the work yourself, contact us for a free consultation.