Maintain Your Irrigation Systems during Smart Irrigation Month

The Irrigation Association has declared July to be Smart Irrigation Month, and we think this is a great idea. We are well aware that, when it comes to the design and implementation of irrigation systems for commercial landscaping, there can be a lot of priorities which come out ahead of efficient water use. In the long term, however, the smart use of our limited water resources is increasingly important for commercial building owners and tenants alike.

For the first time in over three years, the storm systems in recent weeks have technically relieved all areas of North Carolina from drought. While this is good news, the past three years have given us a lesson that we need not to forget with the return of the rains. Drought may return again, and it still plagues half of the country, many states quite severely. We cannot take water for granted.

This is a major underlying reason for the designation of smart irrigation month. July is the hottest month of the year in our area, and therefore the month in which property owners are likely to use the most water for irrigating their landscaping. Here are some suggestions for being smart and efficient water users this month, and every month:

  • Inspect your entire system monthly, or make sure that your landscape maintenance team is doing so. In addition to checking for leaks, screens and filters should also be checked.
  • Check sprinkler heads and make necessary adjustments for even and efficient watering.
  • Install a rain shutoff system, which will prevent your irrigation system from cycling on if sufficient rainfall has occurred.
  • Check out some of the new technologies which are saving a lot of time and water, such as soil moisture sensor-based controllers.
  • Take the time to read the information that comes with your water bill, as there can be savings and rebates available.

If you have questions about becoming smarter irrigators, or to bring us onto your maintenance team, contact us today.