Keeping People Happy with your Multi-family Property Landscaping Maintenance

Multi-family Property Landscaping Maintenance is a job where you strive to keep everyone happy. You want the owners happy by staying within a modest budget, and you want the individuals living in the multi-family property happy by having great landscaping. How can you accomplish all of that?

1. Maintain attractive curb appeal. Multi-family properties sometimes have multiple parking lots and it can seem as if the curb appeal is parking. However, individuals living there want more. They want people to drive by and be attracted to the clean lines, the colors, and how the shrubs and bushes are trimmed. The curb appeal can also help the owner obtain higher rent since an attractive place means someone cares.

2. Visibility. People want doors and windows to be visible for safety. So, someone who maintains a multi-family property needs to frequently trim those plants that might block the visibility of doors and windows. This also includes not planting the type of bushes that grow a foot in a week. The choice of landscaping around doors and windows is critical.

3. Color. Color says it all! People want color in the landscape – not just those green shrubs that are either green when alive or brown when dead. People want flowers, colorful trees, and even hardscape that is not just cement gray.

How can a landscaping company do all three of those things on a modest budget? It can be done when the company is made up of people who understand how to landscape multi-family properties. Multi-family property landscaping can be beautiful on a budget with professionals who understand commercial landscaping. If you would like to talk with a company like that, please contact us, we’d like to help.