HOA Maintenance Tasks that Should be Taken care of During Winter

Just because it’s rather cold outside doesn’t mean that HOA maintenance can be ignored. In fact, there are a number of maintenance chores that should be done right now if you are to keep your grounds in accordance with your governing documents.
Prune dormant shrubs and trees to provide for good airflow. In doing so, remove any dead or damaged limbs so that they won’t break off if our area does receive an unusually heavy snowfall.
Now is an excellent time to mulch flowerbeds, especially those that may have had bulbs planted in them during the fall. By adding extra mulch, you’ll also provide protection for plants from the cold, and will already be on your way to preventing weeds from growing when spring arrives.
A few leaves may still be falling, even though trees are mostly bare. As a result, you may need to rake or blow away leaves that have accumulated near ditches or alongside streets. You could also need to remove leaves and debris from hardscape items such as fountains, unless you have covered them over.
Check playground equipment to ensure that metal pieces have not gotten rusty since cold weather set in. If you do find rusty equipment, make plans to have it repaired so that children will not get cut or scraped while using it.
Cold weather can really take a toll on sidewalks, so check the ones in common areas to see if there is broken or cracked pavement. If so, rope off the area until it can be repaired so that no one is injured.
You may want to go ahead and plan some landscaping to be done in spring while it’s still cold outside. If so, Long Brothers Landscaping can help you do just that. For help with all your HOA landscaping and lawn maintenance needs, contact us