HOA Maintenance is Key to Attract New Renters

Did you know that Americans love affair with manicured green grass did not become widely popular until the early 1950’s?  Most Americans and American businesses were not affluent enough to afford grounds keepers who tended to the fine bladed plant using scythes.  Much has changed since this time.  We are accustomed to being surrounded by beautiful trees on walkways, ponds and fountains, and colorful flower beds as we walk past shops and drive home to our apartment buildings with their golf-worthy lawns.  For more than 25 years, we have provided services and maintenance for HOA’s, multi-family properties, and commercial landscaping in the Raleigh area.  Our professional services include landscapes, hardscapes, irrigation and landscape management.

Landscapes, perhaps more than any other investment an owner might make, can attract future clientele.  We have complete design and build capabilities paired with the knowledge to help you implement your vision.  As with any financial investment, your landscaping is a long-term commitment.  It is vital that you have professionals who know the growing conditions and will select proper materials, irrigation and maintenance needs.

Hardscapes are a wonderful way to further enhance your landscaping.  Meeting areas, walkways, patios and outdoor entertainment areas will certainly catch the eye of any prospective renter that is driving through a large apartment complex.  Hardscape areas give multi-family home communities a welcoming look.  Commercial enterprises can offer places for their business clients to meet and rest.  With certified installers on staff and a complete line of Belgard pavers and patterns to chose from, you can be assured that any needs can be met.

Irrigation needs are more important than ever.  With a focus on being responsible for natural resources, irrigation can lower water usage and lessen your water costs.  It is also the best way to ensure your landscaping stays as beautiful and vibrant as possible.

Maintenance is essential – you have worked hard and invested your time and money.  Prospective clients may walk or drive by your property and unkempt landscaping can give a poor impression.  With so many choices for rentals, home communities and commercial businesses, first impressions are sometimes last impressions. We can ensure that this is not the case as we offer a full line of maintenance services.