Fall Season Considerations for Commercial Landscaping

Your commercial landscaping ought to be beautiful and well-maintained year-round, not just in the warmer seasons.  Fall, with its beautiful colors, may already give your property a boldly colorful appearance, but in addition to the look of the property, you also need to see to its maintenance.

What are some landscaping issues you’ll need to address in the coming season?

  • Leaf and general debris removal.  You’ll need to clear fallen leaves away so that they don’t accumulate on pathways, on the grass, and on the parking lot of your property.  Debris consisting of fallen branches and twigs may also accumulate due to storms and strong winds; these will need to be cleaned up as well.
  • Changes in seasonal planting.  These may include planting flowers such as pansies that can thrive in cooler weather, and adding evergreen shrubs or other kinds of shrubs that have a beautiful color in the fall (such as summersweet).
  • Maintaining the health of your grass. The care you apply to the grass on your property depends in part on whether it’s warm-season or cool-season turf, which – as indicated by their names – thrive better at different times of year.  In addition to figuring out what fertilizer you need to use and how to apply it to keep your grass alive and looking well throughout the winter, you also need to come up with a watering schedule that takes into account changes in the weather.  Autumn may still bring hot and dry spells that can damage grasses, and even when the weather is cooler, you need to ensure that the grass is receiving the right amount of moisture.
  • Check soil acidity.  If you haven’t done so already, these coming weeks will be a good time to check the acidity of your soil, and apply lime if necessary.

To keep your landscaping looking at its best throughout the fall season and beyond, don’t hesitate to engage our services.  Even though the spring and summer seem to be the months where landscaping work and maintenance are more in need, the cooler months have their requirements too: keeping the property tidy, the soil nutrient-rich, and the plants healthy and beautiful in all kinds of weather.