Create The Right First Impression of Your Business by Creating The Right Hardscapes

In some instances, first impressions mean everything. Take for instance, the appearance of your commercial property. Let’s compare two different commercial buildings, both originating around 20 years ago. We’ll call them Building A and Building B, for lack of better names.

Building A features a plain gray exterior with crumbling steps and broken hand rails. Virtually nothing adorns the outside areas except for a few rickety, old wooden picnic tables strewn about the overgrown, burnt yellow grass. Cracks in the sidewalks run all the way up to the front door and the only water that can be found is a few puddles where the rain has collected from the last few rainstorms.

Building B, even though it was built right around the same year as the other location, tells a completely different story from looking around the outside. The property has been properly maintained so that no major cracks in the sidewalk exist, nor are any of the steps crumbling. No rickety, old picnic tables exist, however, an elegantly desinged corporate patio area featuring stylish tables with chairs and umbrellas are evenly spaced about a spacious outside dining area. If a heavy rain hits, you may see some puddles, but they won’t get noticed because a stunning water fountain area with a stone wall for people to casually sit around while having a break distracts anyone from focusing on something as insignificant as a puddle.

Surely, everyone would agree that employees, visitors, and customers alike would all prefer to conduct their business at Building B. Sometimes, the first impression can tell the entire story. It’s obvious that the owners of Building B care more about the first impression they create. They also care for the well being of their workers and others that may visit the facility. It says a lot about a company’s social responsibility and speaks well of their image and their brand to properly care for its exterior.

Invest your company’s resources smartly by hiring the right professionals to create elegant, professional, and successful looking hardscapes for your building’s exterior. Make that first impression the right one.

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