Commercial Landscaping: What's Popular Among Businesses?

High-quality commercial landscaping can turn a run-of-the-mill strip mall or office complex into a place that perks people up, increasing their sense of well-being.  Instead of unending concrete and asphalt, customers and employees could enjoy lush grass, artful arrangements of flowers and shrubs, and beautiful hardscapes.

What are some commercial landscaping features that are in demand by businesses?

Stone patios.  Giving people a lovely space to meet outdoors, particularly when the weather is warm, is a popular idea in commercial landscaping.  Whether it’s two colleagues sitting outside to discuss a new project, or a family taking a break to eat lunch before they continue shopping, many people can enjoy a patio.  It serves multiple functions and makes a property appear more inviting.

Tree-lined walkways.  Trees are relaxing, particularly as they sway in a breeze.  They also protect against the excessive glare of sunlight.  Being among trees, even just looking at them, can improve people’s moods; when someone is walking towards a business, as a customer or employee, you would want them to benefit from the psychological boost of trees.

Water.  From ponds to fountains, this is a peaceful and relaxing element to add to your landscaping.  If you already have a water feature, you could further enhance its beauty by selecting the right plants to go with it.  You could also construct an artful hardscape around it so that people can pause beside it and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Dynamic landscaping.  Having key elements of the landscape change by season gives a commercial property a greater sense of variety and dynamism.  One example is to change the flowers and other plants depending on the time of year.  Some commercial properties opt for container gardening, where the plants can be quickly rearranged for different occasions.

Lush green grass.  Grass breaks up the monotony of parking lots and other pavement and makes people feel that they’re in a more natural environment.  So long as you aren’t letting the grass turn brown and dry, it will be an asset to your property.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your commercial landscaping needs, including remodeling work and maintenance.  When working with us, you’ll benefit from high-quality results, decades of experience, and creative solutions tailored to your property.