Commercial Landscaping Trends for Businesses with Small Spaces

Just as there are trends in decorating and fashion, there are also trends in landscaping. Some of the current trends in commercial landscaping are well suited for businesses that have little space to work with, yet want to maintain an attractive look that will draw customers in.

Planting flowers, small shrubs or even trees in containers is a popular trend because it allows people to incorporate plants near their entryway even if they are completely surrounded by pavement. Sitting potted plants near a walkway or front door will help to soften this space, add curb appeal, and create visual interest.  Some of the more popular containers currently used for small spaces have an antique or crackled finish to them or are stenciled with unique designs.

Mediterranean gardens are also popular right now, and they can be ideal near a fence, patio or retaining wall. In a smaller space, this garden could consist of large containers full of olive or cypress trees along with rosemary, lavender, Mexican sage, lamb’s ear and juniper. One of these gardens is the perfect spot for water features such as a fountain, waterfall or birdbath as well.

Growing plants vertically is another method that’s being embraced for business owners with small areas to landscape. By adding a trellis along the side of the building, climbing vines such as honeysuckle, ivy, clematis or even sweet potato can be used to create an informal garden. Vertical gardens are also ideal for growing roses, moonflower, sweet pea or wisteria.

Hanging baskets are another way to adorn small spaces. These baskets could contain greenery such as Boston fern or flowers such as geraniums, impatiens or begonia. They may be placed on either side of a building’s entrance or hung from a tree limb near an outdoor break area. These baskets can also be hung from shepherd’s hooks, and these make nice accents to place in between shrubs along a building’s perimeter.

Just because you have a limited amount of space to work with doesn’t mean your commercial landscape is destined to be dull and boring. Here at Long Brothers Landscaping, we can transform large and small spaces alike into areas you will be proud to show off. To find out more, contact us today.