Choosing A Landscaping Company for Shopping Center Maintenance

When it comes to choosing a landscaping company, there are a lot of factors which are worth considering. Not all landscaping service providers are the same and without some due thought and careful planning, it can be possible to enter into a contract with a company which doesn’t provide the quality of results that you expect. By learning how to choose the right landscaping company for Shopping Center Maintenance, ensuring that a quality job is performed should be achievable.

Past Experience is Vital to Consider

It is generally accepted that those who have previous experience pleasing past clients will typically be able to do a good job for future clients as well. When it comes to choosing a landscaping company that can handle shopping center maintenance, it is important to ensure that they have proven experience with the types of tasks that would be necessary with such a job. This means going beyond typical lawn care and often addressing issues with other, more complicated elements such as water fountains, tree pruning, plant arrangements and concrete arrangements. Ask all potential candidates to provide proof of the experience they have with providing such services for shopping centers. Even with proof of experience, personal recommendations can go a long way.

Check for Insurance Coverage

If a worker is injured while working on your property and they are not covered by insurance, then you could be held liable. According to Landscaping Services, “Are they insured. VERY important. If not insured properly, you could be liable for accidents or injuries during their time on your property. Make sure you check for proof of insurance (make a photo copy if need be). Make sure the company’s name is on the policy, make note of what the policy number is, expiration date, insurance company’s phone number, etc. It is wise to call the insurance company ahead of time and verify that the policy is valid.”

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