3 Things to Keep in Mind when Looking for a Commercial Landscaping Construction Firm

Designing a new landscape for your shopping center or business campus is important – it’s the first impression you’ll be making on tenants and customers or clients and partners. When deciding on a commercial landscaping construction firm to help you design your new center’s landscaping or renovating and updating your existing landscaping, keep some of these handy points in mind:

Design: A landscape is more than just a lawn and planters – knowing how to implement hardscape designs like walls, fountains, and walkways makes a huge impact on how your landscaping comes together. The grouping of plants can be just as important to presenting a professional and well-maintained image as it is for ease of maintenance.

Plant Choices: Like remodeling a home, choosing the actual fixtures, or in this case, the plants, can be the most enjoyable part. There’s a lot of factors to take into account with plant choices beyond just what looks good, though. Being able to group plants together based on their water needs is very important, as is being able to complement each plant and tree’s unique profiles and accents to form a clean, strong image.

Irrigation and Maintenance: Installing the landscape is only the beginning – it’s very important that it be maintained. Each landscape is unique, and made up of many more unique, living components. A landscaper who understands your landscape’s unique properties is a must, whether it’s for setting up and maintaining the most efficient irrigation system possible, or being able to deal with soil issues, heat waves, or plant diseases, among other potential issues.

Long Brothers Landscaping has been helping Triangle and Triad area business owners and home owners’ associations with their landscaping needs for 29 years. Our expertise in designing and maintaining commercial landscapes ensures that you’ll never have to worry about your center’s landscape again. Contact us today for help with any landscaping solutions you may need.