Attract New Residents With Three Quick Fixes

When a potential resident comes to view the apartment or town home you have for rent, the first thing they see is how you manage your multi-family landscaping maintenance. Weedy flowerbeds, a brown lawn and debris-filled sidewalks are all deterrents that discourage new residents. In 2013 J. Turner Research conducted a study that asked residents[…]

A Key Factor in the Success of Your Business

The success of any business largely depends on how effectively its staff members communicate with each other as well as clients. Whatever role you play in your company, effective communication is a key component to further success. Here are a few things I like to keep in mind when communicating with my co-workers, clients, and[…]

Think Outside of the Current Trend: What Plants Suit Your Property?

Many people attempt cookie-cutter gardening. Every landscape they create has roses and fountains because that’s what is in Sunset Magazine this month. The characteristics of the property are not allowed to naturally shine through using this method. This type of landscaping doesn’t work well at all, especially when it comes to plant matter. Each climate,[…]

3 Tips for Choosing Commercial Landscaping Construction Contractors

When it comes to choosing a contractor for commercial landscaping construction, there are always several choices. Different companies will pitch you in hopes to land the job, but in making your decision, what should you look for? It is clearly important to choose the right contractor for the job and with much thought and consideration,[…]

Prepare Your Lawn Now for the Heat of Summer

Your lawn and landscape is a living, breathing entity that requires constant care. Just like our physical bodies require daily tasks to maintain health, so does a lawn require year-round care to stay strong, vibrant and healthy. Just as Shaun Stewart from Green Impressions states “how you care for your lawn one season will greatly[…]

The Right Timing Is Critical

Spring means planting, and plants need food. The lawn particularly needs to have the right amount of fertilizer added at the right time. So, when should your landscaping company apply fertilizer to your lawn this Spring? The timing of fertilization is important for a couple of reasons. Many fertilizers have a time-release feature, meaning that the[…]

4 Quick Tips for Commercial Landscaping

Planning a commercial housing complex or office building? Here are some great ideas on designing your new building and commercial landscaping. Create a Stunning Entrance They say that a person has only one chance to make a first impression. Well, buildings also have only one chance. That’s why you need to make sure that the outer[…]

Spend Less, Conserve Water, & Positively Affect the Environment

Synthetic turf is exactly what the name states: a grass-like ground cover that imitates that of lush, natural grass in both its appearance and functionality. Synthetic turf is becoming a common and well-liked phenomenon for quite a few reasons including durability, beautiful appearance, cost, and conservation reasons. Of course, synthetic turf doesn’t completely eliminate the[…]

Select a Landscape Contractor Early in the Construction Process: Here’s Why

 We have all been there. Deadlines are tight, the site has been wet for the past three weeks and there have been other unexpected delays in the construction process. But at the end of the day, we are shooting for the CO. When a construction project is in motion, landscapers are often one of the[…]

Multi-family Property Landscaping Maintenance: Is Your Landscaping Safe for Kids?

Kids generally love playing outdoors, and if your multi-family property has some open spaces for them to do so, it’s important that they enjoy a safe environment. When it comes to multi-family property landscaping maintenance, what are some of the ways to make your landscaping more safe for kids? Make it more fire-proof. This includes[…]