Three Ways to Make Your Parking Lot’s Landscaping Last Longer

Shopping center parking lots face a lot of damage. Any grassy medians will be walked across, plants will be trampled, and rainstorms cause a mess that needs immediate maintenance. While lots of traffic is still good for your and your tenants’ business, it can still be a headache to deal with the constant maintenance. If[…]

5 Quick Tips in Preparation For Winter

Winter will soon be here, and it’s time to prepare your commercial property accordingly. Here are some landscaping tips to prepare your lawn for the winter. Mow One More Time Mow your grass once more before winter sets in. Keeping your grass short will help prevent snow from clinging to your grass, which can lead to[…]

The Ins and Outs of Mulching: Why and When?

The weather is turning cool and many plants are going dormant. That does not mean that your landscape should be neglected. There are certain basics you can take care of now that will make your landscape more lovely in the spring. One of these is mulch. A Short Explanation Mulch is a general term for[…]

The Great Maintenance Dilemma: Pine Straw Or Mulch

Landscapes need a barrier between the soil and the residents. It looks better and it cuts down on maintenance costs. However, not all barriers look the same, and they don’t provide the same benefits. So, should your landscaping company approach your Home Owners Association and ask what sort of covering you prefer, here are some[…]