Top 3 Commercial Landscaping Trends for Medical Offices and Hospitals

There is never a wrong time to revisit the landscaping of your medical office building or hospital. Maybe construction is ending, and now is the ideal time to put in your commercial landscaping. What are the top trends that ensure your venue looks great? Make Shade a Major Consideration There is always some space for[…]

2 Reasons to Have a Professional Check Your Property’s Irrigation System

If you have a serious contender in mind for your next property acquisition, you’re probably in the middle of scheduling inspections. Commercial air conditioning, plumbing systems, and foundations are a huge part of the value of what you’re buying, so internal systems are probably high on your checklist. But don’t forget to keep the exterior[…]

What Are the Benefits of Bundling Your Irrigation and Landscaping Services?

Property maintenance has a lot of moving parts. Landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation systems, and concrete refinishing are just a few of the exterior concerns. But if you can combine services to just a few companies, you can better integrate your exterior maintenance and plan fixed expenses. Here are two reasons to bundle your irrigation and landscaping[…]

Three Ways to Make Your Parking Lot’s Landscaping Last Longer

Shopping center parking lots face a lot of damage. Any grassy medians will be walked across, plants will be trampled, and rainstorms cause a mess that needs immediate maintenance. While lots of traffic is still good for you and your tenants’ business, it can still be a headache to deal with the constant maintenance. If[…]

Good Seasonal Plants For The Coming Months

Summer is a great time to change up the flowering landscapes on your commercial property. More people are walking by, and new flowers make your business seem perky. It will create interest and may be even attract customers. There are a wide range flowers to install this time of year that are sure to please[…]

When Should You Have Hedges Trimmed?

Summer, especially wet summers, can make the hedges at your commercial property go wild. Lush leaves and baby twigs can loom over your paths and generally make your landscape look overgrown. This is never pleasant for your customers. It is also bad for the health of your hedges. Dead branches and leaves invite bugs and[…]

Why Change Up The Landscape At Your Shopping Center

Things have been going just fine at your shopping center. The craziness of holiday rush and excessive customers is well behind you. Things have slowed down just enough while still bringing in customers at a steady rate. Why mess with a good thing? Well, now is the perfect time to update your shopping center landscape,[…]

How To Best Prepare Your Property for Summer

Summer is your property’s time to shine. The flowers are vividly colored, the grass is lush, and the weather is bringing people outside. This can be your establishment’s best advertisement. If you take advantage of the season, your business will thank you. So, how do you prepare? 1. Seasonal Flowers Our state has a fine[…]

Increase Your Property Value and Save Money

Why invest in commercial landscaping services? Some people think that they will save money by doing the work themselves. However, it’s actually the opposite. Hiring a professional landscaping service will save money in the long run. Here are three reasons why. Property Value If you have a professional landscaping job done on your property, it[…]

Become More Successful By Changing Your Attitude

Our attitude is the one thing that we have complete control over in all aspects of our daily lives. There are several steps towards a positive attitude that will not only help us in our personal and professional lives but will lead to an overall more productive and rewarding life. Our attitude is essentially a[…]

Getting the Most Out of Additional Features

Every townhouse and apartment complex sports a few features to attract new tenants. Little playgrounds, basketball courts, pools or water features are small investments with big returns. Although these additions are a plus, they must be maintained or they will stop returning dividends. The landscaping around these features can make them last as long as[…]

Strategic Landscaping for Pool Areas

Pools are extremely popular at apartment complexes and townhouse properties. It’s an easy way to make your property appealing to potential tenants, especially in our warm North Carolina climate. Although tenants enjoy constant pool access in the summer, you still have to maintain them. Your choice of landscape around the pool can make maintenance much[…]