Your Landscape Just Might Benefit From Permeable Pavers

Choosing the right hardscape products, especially if you have a commercial or multi-family property, can change your irrigation needs and transform how you deal with stormwater. How?

Anything that covers the ground ultimately directs water runoff. That’s why we carry a line of permeable interlocking concrete pavers. These are pavers whose design let water slowly seep into the ground after it rains (or the sprinkler runs.) They interlock in a pattern over layers of aggregate or gravel. The seams in the pattern let excess water dribble down to the ground and the gravel filters out contaminants so the plants can get clean water.

Your commercial establishment might benefit from these at a couple of levels. The first is that it reduces the need for water. Ground that might be just slushy grass is covered, and the water that lands on these pavers doesn’t go to waste. It seeps into the aquifer and spreads to where your trees have sunk in roots.

They are an improvement in safety because you don’t have to worry about lingering puddles. Any one running a mall, an apartment complex, or anywhere people very young and very old are going to hang out can appreciate the ‘no stagnant puddles’ angle. They provide firm footing out of the mud.

These pavers are also classy looking. Their designs run from reddish sandstone flags to geometric designs made of turfstone. They can sprout ground cover such as creeping thyme between the designs, poking tiny spots of lavender color and lush green through the pavers. They can match any design and require only the occasional clearing away of rubbish to keep beautiful.

Probably the greatest benefit your property will get, though, is permeable pavers are an environmentally friendly way of dealing with stormwater runoff. It keeps our sewer systems from overflowing, and it sucks out pollutants before they get in our water tables. Your landscape contributes to your neighborhood, and you barely need to do a thing.