Your Home Owner’s Association Should Work Closely With The Landscaping Company

A new year brings introspection, and this year you may want your home owner’s association to consider its relationship with the landscaping company. Have you just been hiring a company as needs arise? Have you been ignoring the regular maintenance crews? This may be the year that you hire a trustworthy crew and confer closely with them over your plans for 2018. Here’s why.

Maybe it is time to refresh your property’s look. It’s had the same tired-out mop of tall fescue bordered by floppy ivy for years. All the other multi-family housing units have up-to-date, environmentally conscious landscaping that looks trendy and fresh. Call up your landscaping company and ask them what they think will make your property call to new tenants and look stylish. Perhaps some hardscapes will help, or a large flower bed installation? You won’t know until you ask.

Maybe your property has an outrageously high water bill. Passing the cost on to tenants will make them look for somewhere cheaper, so why not get to the source of the problem? Often, the irrigation system is out of date and needs maintenance. Bring this to the landscaper’s attention. They may know how to make your irrigation more efficient.

Maybe you are concerned about safety. Landscaping and property maintenance has a lot to do with making your place safe for tenants and guests. Talk to your landscaping company about setting up a tight maintenance schedule for such important tasks as hedge trimming, tree pruning, snow removal, and cleaning up. Having the crew come in once every 2 weeks will likely let them catch all the things that need fixing up, but you may want to see what the other options are.

Maybe your lawn needs some extra attention. Lawns can be fickle creatures, in need of monthly babying. Having a contract with someone who will mow, fertilize and aerate it on a regular schedule can turn your ragged mop into a fine green lawn.

These are only a few possible reasons you may want your HOA to work more closely with your landscaping company. Problems can be solved easily, and who knows? Maybe some problems can be avoided entirely.