Your Hardscape Choices – A Great Way to Greet Cooler Weather

Many people like the look of greenery but wish they could make their commercial landscapes a little less water-intensive. They may like to break up a monotonous lawn, prop up their flowers, or just give people somewhere to stand that isn’t covered in plants. Fortunately, there is a solution to this: hardscapes. As we head into the cooler months, you may want to consider adding some. After all, the plants may fade a bit during winter, and this will give you some space to put in something new. When you consider your commercial landscape, consider adding the following:


If your property has a lot of space covered in lawn, you may have noticed that people often cut across it. They have a point – the quickest way to their destination may be across the lawn, and sometimes you just want to walk among the greenery. Why not accommodate these folks and install a path through your lawn? They can come in all sorts of styles to suit your company’s image, from formal brick to whimsical cobblestones. It’s also a relatively quick installation. Once it’s in, you will save the rest of the lawn from people trampling on it, and you will have an area that you don’t have to water.


Sitting outside in the sun is a nice way to spend a lunch break or a company get-together. Installing benches allows people to do such things without getting grass stains on their pants. Benches are easy to install, and you can situate them strategically so that everyone can comfortably carry on company business in pleasant weather. Clients and employees alike will appreciate the touch.


This can add to your office space by giving employees somewhere to take their laptops in nice weather. It can provide guests with a pleasant place to talk without getting in anyone’s way, and a nice communal space on a multi-family housing property. You can give just about any landscape a boost with a patio because it can blend into rest of the landscape and subtly give it shape. And it can do all those things while being lovely expressions of the company’s culture.