Winter HOA Maintenance For Your Landscape

During the summer and spring months your Homeowners Association probably hires someone to mow the lawns and trim the bushes and trees. During the fall, the association probably adds taking care of leaves to the landscaper’s responsibilities. But, what about winter? Does your Homeowners Association take care of the landscape during winter?

If not, or if you aren’t sure, we’d like to give you some talking points if you want to discuss winter HOA maintenance needs with your association.

1. New trees: If the common areas of your housing area has newly planted trees, then winter maintenance includes making sure the roots are covered. Not just once, but every time there is a significant thaw the water can move the mulch and expose the roots. So, winter landscape maintenance includes periodically checking the roots to ensure they are protected.

2. Old trees: If there is a lot of snow and ice, the branches on trees can become heavy and break. If not taken care of right away, those branches can strip bark off the tree as they break off and cause damage to the tree. So, winter landscape maintenance includes checking the trees and removing broken branches.

3. Shrubs and bushes: Some snow and ice is find for shrubs and bushes. But, if there is too much snow and ice, it can become heavy and cause damage to the plants. So, winter landscape maintenance includes monitoring the amount of snow and ice and removing it before it damages plants.

As you can see, winter landscape maintenance can keep plants healthy and save your association costs in the spring if damaged plants need replaced. If you would like more information about winter maintenance, please contact us.