Why Your HOA Should Have Experts Trimming Its Hedges

Maintaining the grounds is a crucial part of a Homeowners Association’s job. Doing that will require juggling huge numbers of details, and hedge and tree trimming can get lost in the shuffle. Even if it isn’t forgotten it, non-experts can wind up botching the job and trimming poorly. This is a big problem for four reasons.


Hedges that grow into the walkways create tripping hazards, block exits, and threaten windows. Additionally, storms will cause the overgrown trees to break and fly around, threatening roofs and people. The effects can be subtle, too: by the time you find out how bad it has gotten, winter storms could have made confetti out of your landscape. A professional trimmer will keep on top of the trimming so that doesn’t happen.


A professional trim job is like a professional haircut: it makes the view inviting and respectable. It takes a great deal of knowledge and practice to make hedges and trees look even, so you need to find someone with the expertise.

The Plants’ Health

This is related to improving both the safety and appearance of your property, in as much as a healthy plant is a pretty and safe one. An expert will know when and how to trim your trees so that they grow bigger flowers and look stunningly healthy. It will also remove the diseased parts before they can infect the rest of your plants.


Overgrown hedges that block windows encourage criminals. They think they won’t be seen when they break in. News of crime will make it harder to rent out or sell the townhouses on your property. Keeping the bushes properly trimmed will let everyone know that the HOA is looking out for them.