Why You Should Add Retaining Walls And Drainage

Your commercial property sees a lot of traffic. It attracts tourists in the summer, Christmas shoppers in winter, and clients in between. Naturally your landscaping interests focus on pleasing and attracting that traffic. However, sometimes it is the behind the scenes stuff that contributes the most to attracting and keeping customers, and this is why retaining walls and drainage may be exactly what your property needs this winter. Here is what they can do to keep the customers coming:

Increase Safety

If your business relies on people standing around your property a lot, you want them to feel comfortable and safe. They will not feel safe if there are many standing puddles and steep slopes on your property, as they will correctly perceive that they could trip. Increasing the drainage will dry the grounds out quickly after a storm, and a retaining wall will even out places where customers may walk.

Helps Maintain More Showy Features

You don’t want water damage or erosion threatening your walkways or flower beds. The damage is hard to undo and frequently creates a lot of cosmetic issues that your landscapers have to constantly patch up to keep the grounds pretty. You can nip these problems in the bud and make maintenance much easier by adding a strategically-placed retaining wall and drains.

Retaining Walls Can Be Decorative

Retaining walls can be part of a terraced garden and add layers to a bland landscape. There are also few more primal touches of decor than rock or wooden walls in your landscape.

Drainage and walls may be background to your landscapes, but they are great additions for keeping up the foreground that customers will see.