Why Not Add Hostas to Your Commercial Landscaping Plans?

If there is one thing that can be said with certainty, North Carolinians sure do love to adorn their commercial properties with lots of different plants, shrubs and trees. One perennial that is often included on that preferred list is the hosta. If you’ve never considered incorporating them into your commercial landscaping plans, perhaps this year is the time to do so.

Some hostas that are on offer in North Carolina are classified as tissue cultures and advance starters. They characteristically fall in the three months to three years of age categories. Others are earmarked as mature plants. They tend to be three years old or more. The majority of them are suitable for planting in the Piedmont area as long as the soil and weather conditions are right.

For the most part, that means getting the hostas into the ground well before our region’s first light freeze. Otherwise, the hostas’ roots could die from exposure to the cold and rot. However, if the timing is right, any hostas planted in early fall should be ready to produce beautiful, lush foliage once spring arrives.

In general, the hostas that you’ll find incorporated into commercial landscaping are likely to grow up to 4-feet tall and 6-feet across. Of course, the mature plant’s size will be determinate on several factors, including the species’ inherent capabilities and the growing medium used. It’s also important to keep the amount of sunlight that your property receives in mind too.

That’s because some species of hosta grow very well in partial or full sun. Others require deep shade for at least several hours of the day. If you’re unsure about which hostas would be best for your commercial property in North Carolina, feel free to contact us and ask our friendly landscapers for advice. They are always willing to help business owners find the perfect plants for their firm’s landscaping needs.