What is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping a landscape consists of using stones, wood and concrete to replace plants, grass and trees. It creates usable outdoor space that requires very little care.

With much of the country facing water rationing and the cost of landscape maintenance always increasing, hardscaping has become a way for business owners and homeowners to save money, increase property value and bring aesthetic beauty to their landscape. No matter what the season, hardscapes always look good.

Business owners and homeowners typically rejoice in the freedom that a hardscape offers. They can sell the lawnmower, no longer worry about irrigation system maintenance, fertilizing and leaf raking. Their landscape looks pristine in the summer and winter. Through hardscaping, entire outdoor sanctuaries are created such as decks, patios, walkways, terraces, outdoor kitchens, fencing, outside seating areas, and more.

Hardscaping is clean and prevents soil erosion. Owners no longer need to worry about dirt and grime being tracked indoors A hardscape can be hosed off with water or swept clean with a broom to stay neat and tidy. Elderly and handicap people usually have an easier time traversing across the surface of a hardscaped area than having to walk across uneven grass and soil.

In some situations, an owner can also opt to hardscape only a portion of his landscape and leave the rest a sanctuary for plants and trees. In such a circumstance, the hardscape works to showcase the living fauna in the landscape and create a sense of visual harmony.

For all your hardscaping needs, please contact us. Our professionals at Long Brothers Landscaping, Inc will work with you to create an outdoor hardscape oasis.