What Does Your Neighborhood’s HOA-Controlled Landscaping Need?

Landscaping is one of the most immediately visible benefits of a homeowners association. Even with other features such as neighborhood security, gates, recreation areas and pools, and holiday events or decorations, landscaping is both a constant and a supplement to other services. Make sure your association is getting the most optimized landscaping for your neighborhood by finding a landscaping company that can:

Create natural-looking landscapes features that showcase the neighborhood’s style.

Every neighborhood has a particular style. Whether the houses were primarily built in the 1990s, are colonial-style homes that have been maintained for decades, or are a brand new development, the landscaping should match the housing and the landscaping norms in each of the individual lots. Look for a landscaping company that will integrate new landscaping features into the neighborhood entrances and recreation centers so the neighborhood looks seamless.

Build drought-resistant landscaping and hardscape features.

Droughts and water conservation are becoming increasingly critical parts of landscaping maintenance. A lush green area full of exotic plants and vivid flowers is beautiful, but only with the proper watering to keep it healthy. Instead of investing in landscaping that needs constant watering and maintenance, find a company that can construct landscaping that fits the environment. There are dozens of native species varieties that can grow healthy and bloom beautifully with minimal watering or soil replenishment. Not only is it better for the environment, your neighborhood can stay well-maintained within the hottest days of summer.

Keep erosion at bay.

If your neighborhood has a creek or hilly areas, then erosion will be a long-term problem. It can put stress on foundations, leaves gaps under fences, and start to displace individual and neighborhood landscaping. Find a company that can put retaining walls and plants with structured root systems. It’s a great long-term investment in the area and keeps the property values from eroding, too.