What Are the Benefits of Bundling Your Irrigation and Landscaping Services?

Property maintenance has a lot of moving parts. Landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation systems, and concrete refinishing are just a few of the exterior concerns. But if you can combine services to just a few companies, you can better integrate your exterior maintenance and plan fixed expenses. Here are two reasons to bundle your irrigation and landscaping services for optimal organization.

Irrigation specialists can update your system if your landscaping features change.

Sometimes your landscaping needs a good redesign. If you just purchased a new commercial property, or its time for a spring clean-up, the designated areas for grass, shrubs, and flowering plants will change. If you have a landscaping service that also handles your irrigation system, they can modify your sprinklers as the change the plants. This means you don’t have to worry about overwatering your new plants as they adjust to the property or a separate irrigation company damaging new roots as they work.

If you start adding hardscape features to your property, such as more pathways, concrete decks, or gravel areas, your preexisting irrigation system could disrupt the feature’s settling process. If the company installing hardscape features can modify your irrigation system as needed, you don’t have to schedule appointments in tandem.

Landscaping and irrigation maintenance are intertwined.

How your plants are watered impacts how healthy they are. But the connection between irrigation and landscaping goes deeper than that. Dual service companies can trim fast-growing hedges to reduce sprinkler head blockage, and they can more quickly act if root systems are starting to compromise the water lines. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell where one company’s responsibilities end and the other’s begins, and communicating with two different companies to solve one major problem could cause costly delays. But if one company has a license to modify both your landscaping and your irrigation, they can solve the problem in no time.