Water Bill Too High? Save With These Simple Steps

You know that your business does better with a healthy, attractive landscape. You know that your water bill has been sneaking up on your business’s profits for the last couple of years. If balancing the need to look pretty while keeping the utility bills low is causing you to pull your hair out in frustration, you are in luck. We have a few tips for making this situation come out in your favor.

Revamp Your Irrigation System

If your business inherited an old sprinkler system or have had the same grounds for years, you may be surprised at the advances in efficiency we have made in irrigation technology. There are timers and sensors to make the system responsive to the environment and fit your needs. Even if you don’t want sensors and timers, the Earth shifts and your lawn expands, making a sprinkler system that once covered everything evenly insufficient. Replacing old systems with new ones and putting in pipes where they can do the most good will let you get all the work you can out of every drop of water you pay for.

Strategically Place Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are really part of irrigation, but people tend to focus more on the sprinklers when thinking about it. Retaining walls, therefore, get an extra mention.

They have been popular since the time of the Incas as a way of capturing and controlling water. Put them in the right place and you control where the extra water drains off to as you can put a drain pipe in the hill. Most importantly, it stops water that hasn’t been absorbed into the ground from running off before it does its job. Again, it lets you use all the water that you pay for.

Rely On Hardscapes

Lawns were really a Victorian invention from a time when people had a million servants to tend to big lawns and water came from wells. Now that you have to pay the city for water and labor is expensive, it behooves the smart business owner to acquire maintenance-free landscaping features that don’t grow. Any part of your property covered with wide paths, gleaming benches, and statuary doesn’t need water and only occasionally needs employees. This makes things cheaper to keep pretty.

Go For Native Plants

Plants that evolved in North Carolina do best in our climate. They can handle the average rainfall and temperature, so they don’t need additional watering unless we have a particularly dry year. Even then, they handle the lack better than plants that have to be conditioned to their new environment. Hardier plants equal less drying fertilizers and watering systems, which equals less expense for you and your company.

Emphasize Maintenance

This is almost self-explanatory: leaky pipes waste water. Clogged pipes requires more water to work. Regularly clean these things and keep the pipes in good repair to get maximum efficiency out of them.