Using Hardscapes to Increase Commercial Property Value

Landscapes can add beauty and value to any property, but some commercial property owners are unaware of a little-known improvement that can boost value and decrease maintenance. Like traditional landscaping, hardscapes increase curb appeal, but instead of utilizing plants, lawns, and trees, hardscapes create a planned outdoor area using man-made fixtures, such as:

Built-In Barbecues
Retaining Walls
Like landscaping, hardscapes can turn any property into an outdoor sanctuary. For commercial properties, this might include a waterfall to create a welcoming environment for customers and clients. For a multi-family housing property, an outdoor patio and built-in barbecue could create an ideal place for residents’ parties and events.

More hardscaping means less lawn, which translates to decreased water bills and lawn maintenance costs. Instead of planting grass, consider a hardscaped walkway or patio. Additionally, hardscapes are multi-functional; an outdoor sanctuary isn’t just beautiful, it can serve as a venue.

To maximize the value and appeal of your property, combine landscaping and hardscaping. For example, you could trade large, flat flowerbeds for a retaining wall or raised flower bed to prevent soil erosion and give the area a clean, polished look. This will not only lessen the space that requires water, but also raise the overall appeal.

Long Brothers Landscaping, Inc. offers landscaping and hardscaping services to meet the needs of each client. We specialize in both landscaping and hardscaping services, which means we can deliver the perfect outdoor sanctuary for your property. Contact us today to discover limitless possibilities for your property’s yard!