Torn Over Hardscapes? Choosing Affordable Options Doesn’t Have to be Hard

When it comes to selecting hardscape materials, commercial property owners are often torn between their need for a healthy bottom line and a visually appealing product. They appreciate the initial cost of impervious hardscapes but loath the long-term expense potential. And they love the durable benefits of permeable materials but bristle at the thought of the first invoice. At Long Brothers Landscaping, we understand this dilemma. So, we often recommend clients choose Belgard products over the others.

Belgard’s commercial hardscapes collection is reasonably priced and provides the durable benefits property owners long for with every new build or remodel. Plus, their collections don’t force property owners to choose tired designs over trendy ones. The permeable and impervious pavers manufactured by the North American company are well suited for today’s design sensibilities as well as North Carolina’s climate.

Let’s take their shot blast textured hardscapes as examples. Available with or without a seal, the pavers are reminiscent of coastal midden, Old World architecture thanks to the exposed aggregates. As such, they’d work in harmony with Old World designs. Similar may be stated for hardscapes in their Eco Dublin Collection. It features the shot blast texture as well as tumbled-antique and ground face.

Smooth finishes, which ultimately lend themselves to more contemporary looks, are part of the hardscape manufacturer’s product offerings too. And yes, many are permeable. Of course that’s another plus for North Carolinians with low water table, wetland or flash flood zone properties. The hardscapes’ permeability not only addresses runoff issues but helps keep replacement paver costs to a minimum. Why? Well, we all know what water can do to stone over time.

To learn more about these hardscapes and other features that aren’t hard on a company’s bottom line, please contact us. Our Long Brothers Landscaping team are always here to provide concrete answers to all your paving related questions.