Top 5 Commercial Landscaping Design Trends 2018

The top 2018 landscape trends identified by The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) which take inspiration from the outdoor living trend. Functional landscapes for commercial or residential properties are being designed to take advantage of the four seasons, year-round.

The top 5 urban landscape design trends for 2018 are outlined below:

1. Experiential landscape design.

Office landscapes are focusing on bicycle paths, walking, gardens, and dining areas outdoors. For both commercial and residential aspects, the entrance is the beginning of the experience. A fabulous first impression involving lawns, plantings and design elements like vertical urban garden walls. Forbes published a Houzz article by Lauren Dunec Hoang that pictured a narrow courtyard with room for only a few chairs and one small table. The wall bordering this courtyard was planted with vertical pockets of ferns, vines and perennial flowers that turned the outdoor space into a visually pleasing living area.

2. Climate-cognizant landscaping.

Extreme weather conditions call for landscape enhancements that can survive unpredictable weather patterns. Unseasonably cool or warm days could be enjoyed if retractable canopies on pergolas were used to protect outdoor areas during wind, snow, and rain events. Patios can be designed with heaters or hardier hardscape material to fight temperature fluctuations.

3. The emphasis is on water management.

Conservation by eco-friendly watering will be significant in 2018. Using plants of native origin that use less water and smarter irrigation technology will provide sustainability in landscaping. Susan Parent wrote about urban gardening for Promix that explores rainfall water management in cities. Green roof gardens use rainwater for plant growth and can grow herbs, vegetables, and fresh produce for city dwellers.

4. Enhanced equipment and technology.

Battery-powered equipment is much quieter. Professionals are incorporating technology in the form of mobile apps, 3D modelling and drones during the planning of landscape design. Solar and wind technologies promise to enhance landscape maintenance for bold designs that use lotus ponds or conservation based irrigation.

5. Colorful plants.

Playful patterns and colors were all the rage in 2017. This year, ultraviolet was named the “Color of the Year” by Pantone. Plants that will be used to show this color are violets, verbena, iris, and clematis. Striped leaves and veins of bright colors will also be seen in fresh greenery for 2018.