Top 3 Commercial Landscaping Trends for Medical Offices and Hospitals

There is never a wrong time to revisit the landscaping of your medical office building or hospital. Maybe construction is ending, and now is the ideal time to put in your commercial landscaping. What are the top trends that ensure your venue looks great?

Make Shade a Major Consideration

There is always some space for shade trees in even the most challenging commercial landscape. In a hospital setting, they provide respite for family members sitting together while awaiting test results. Hospital staff may leave the cafeteria behind to spend some time in the shade of a tree. Weeping willows grow quickly while red maples are native to the state. Both are excellent options for your shade tree setup.

Select Plants that Attract Wildlife

Envision your planter boxes brimming with life. They display native plants that feature gorgeous colors. They attract birds and butterflies. The Carolina lupine is a favorite. Another good option is the eastern blue star. The latter quickly transforms into a shrub that has quite a bit of resilience.

Offer Attractive Smells

Scents are a big plus in your commercial landscaping. Hospitals and medical offices shy away from smells due to allergies. For many patients and visitors, antiseptic chemicals are the only smells they remember from a stay at these facilities. Overcome this problem by providing heady scents outside. Roses are good choices. The same is true for lavender and sage.

Work with an Expert in the Field to Install and Maintain Your Commercial Landscaping

It is not enough to have a medical landscape setup professionally installed. You also need an expert in the field to maintain it, control weeds, aerate the flower beds in the fall, and remove snow.