Time to Winterize Your Irrigation System

The signs of a new season are all around us. The leaves will soon display a great work of art before turning loose and falling to the ground.

You have enjoyed your carefree lush green property all summer long and your business connections have noticed you pay attention to the details.

Your irrigation system needs a bit of attention before the winter winds blow and the ground freezes over.

When the temperature drops and your system begins to freeze over, any water left in the line or sprinkler head will expand as it turns to ice. Expansion is not your friend because hydro-expansion can cause major damage to your system in the form of cracked lines and broken fittings.

You won’t be aware of the damage that has taken place until spring or summer when you revive your system and find poor water pressure and higher utility bills. Repairing damage is far more expensive than taking the proper steps pre-freeze warning to make sure you’re good to go.

Calling in a professional to winterize your system is the foolproof and worry-free path to choose.