Three Reasons to Hire a Landscaping Company for Your Irrigation Systems

Multi-family residences have a lot of fluctuating expenses, especially if you have properties in an area with turbulent weather. Preventative landscaping and customized irrigation can help smooth out those expenses.

What costs can you circumvent by hiring a landscaping company to maintain your irrigation system?

1 Avoid expensive repairs after the fact. Knowing what an irrigation system malfunction looks like before it happens can be invaluable, especially if you have a customized system. Having your landscaping company that can inspect and maintain your irrigation system, especially if you face frequent freezes or recurring droughts, means getting worn parts replaced before they break and cause systemic problems.

2 Your water use will be regulated. HOA regulations can demand a more well-watered lawn than city water restrictions allow. Find a company that can inspect your yard and advise you on the best sprinkler system for water conservation, which might involve any combination of timers, soaker hoses, and efficient sprinkler heads.

3 Get seasonal maintenance. Lawns need different levels of watering and management over the course of the year, no matter what type of property you have. A landscaping company that’s familiar with your irrigation system can prepare the valves and spigots for winter, can change out the system in the event of landscaping changes, and can modify your timers or water usage anytime you need it.

Multi-family and investment properties often have both HOA standards and water restrictions. Check landscaping off your maintenance list by hiring a landscaping company familiar with irrigation systems and your local area.