Three Reason Why You Should Choose Hardscaping for Heavily Trafficked Areas

Hardscaping is growing in popularity both near residences and commercial areas. If you want a trendy style of landscaping for your shopping center but you don’t want to pay a lot for construction and maintenance, a hardscape might be exactly what you’re looking for. Here are three other reasons to consider it:

Hardscapes hold up better under foot traffic.

People aren’t just going to walk along the sidewalks and down the parking lot lanes. They’re also going to walk across the medians and cut through the grass. That foot traffic can be challenging for even the hardiest grass varieties, which means you either have to maintain a strict maintenance schedule or risk the area looking shabby and thin. Instead, use a hardscape of cobblestones, sandy dirt, and rocks that you can have accented by impact-resistant species that give plenty of room for walking in all direction.

Hardscapes need less water.

Even with the best and most customized irrigation systems, watering packs an expensive punch over the course of years. Having grassy areas that drink a lot of water also puts a strain on the local environment and, if your town has implemented a water ban even in commercial areas, you can’t afford to break the restriction or have browning grass. So add hardscapes in between parking rows and save the greenery for where it matters most.

Create common areas so people stay in the shopping area longer.

It’s increasingly popular to have permanent seating in the middle of closely packed restaurants. Not only does this allow for more foot traffic and business, the areas are often used for town events. The more you can encourage shoppers to gather, the more profitable you and your¬†tenants will be.