Three Important Landscaping Additions for Every Office Complex

No matter what commercial property you own, the gap between tenants is costly. Different market groups need different incentives to both rent space at your property and stay as long-term tenants. Franchises and restaurants, for example, value clean landscaping around parking lots and clear, navigable paths. Every store wants inviting landscaping that makes the entranceway look fresh. But office tenants have their own list of preferences. Here are three key landscaping elements to attract long-term offices:

1. Have outside paths for your tenants’ employees.

Office workers are increasingly more conscious of their health. Article after article is put out about the dangerous health effects of sitting still for too long, both mentally and physically. They’re encouraged to take short walking breaks and switch mental gears. Incorporating this new wave of health consciousness is just the right element to make employers think your building is the right fit for health campaigns and lower health insurance costs.

2. Is there plenty of outdoor seating near the landscaping?

Those same employees also know the value of being outside. Long commutes and office hours mean they might not see the sun outside of the office and weekends, so they’re eager to go outside. Installing stone benches, tables, and chair arrangements outdoors answers this demand. These fixtures are long-term, low-maintenance additions that make both employers and employees happy without the risk of replacement costs. They also look great in pictures of your building for rental ads, your website, and local publications.

3. Make your front entrance more prominent.

The front of your building should make a statement. It’s increasingly popular to have a wide front walkway with intricate stonework and clean designs. No matter what your building’s style is, a paver, stone, or mosaic path will make your property memorable.