The Importance of Preventative HOA Maintenance

Your home owner’s association probably knows when to call a landscaper for emergencies. When a tree branch breaks off and lands in the driveway, when the lawn dies suddenly, and when a sprinkler starts hosing the sidewalk, it is definitely time to call a landscaping company. But there are a couple of reasons to call such a company for HOA maintenance that are more preventative.


Keeping trees trimmed and the underbrush in check reduces the likelihood of people tripping or getting whacked in the face with a tree branch. Leaves won’t have a chance to get slippery and moldy. It also gives winter storms less to break. Branches won’t be close enough to windows or frail enough to cause damage.

If your multifamily dwelling has a pond, there are a variety of things that can go wrong. If it starts to leak around the edges or gets overgrown, people can trip around it. It would encourage mosquito growth, too, a hazard of its own. Catching these problems early on through a maintenance program put together by a professional landscaper will minimize these risks.


Overgrown bushes covering windows is a big invitation to thieves. They block the view of the property from the road, leaving intruders feeling comfortable sneaking around the houses.

Then there is the addition of many eyes during the work day. Most people go home at night, and that is why intruders frequently break in during the day. Townhouses might have a few more people coming and going unexpectedly, but a bunch of landscapers that are there regularly will make any stranger feel discouraged.


Calling someone in to do the mowing and the mulching on an ad hoc basis leaves grass time to get unpleasantly long. The plants die back in between care and the mulch gets a little moldy before anyone realizes a professional needs to check on the gardens. This situation encourages bugs and bad smells. A multifamily unit, like a townhouse, can get uncomfortable quickly in the summer or after a storm.

When a home owner’s association needs to take preventative measures to keep their property safe and secure, a landscape company is a first call. We at Long Brothers can take care of all this, plus hardscaping and irrigation, so contact us when you feel ready.