The Essential Elements of Apartment Hardscaping

Landscaping is a vital part of everyone’s first impression of your property, but it’s important for your landscaping to do more than just look good. Use hardscaping elements to both increase the complex’s visual appeal and add other value with:

Retaining walls that outline paths and stop shifting soil.

Even the smallest hills or curving ground can mean foundation problems later, especially if your complex is near a creek or the surrounding is particularly susceptible to erosion. Use retaining walls to stop soil from eroding away and covering the sidewalks or, even worse, exposing the buildings’ foundations. Retaining walls can also match the style and color palette of the apartments, so you can easily turn structural maintenance into a style.

Multiple walkways that take different paths.

Apartment complexes hold a lot of people, and the last thing you want them to do is to feel crowded. Whether your complex markets toward physically active individuals or families, having too many people on the same sidewalks at once is bad for tenant satisfaction. Have your landscapers build multiple paths: main sidewalks that form intersections and straight pathways to the front parking, winding stone walkways to playgrounds and green areas, and more. This will also help encourage people not to walk on grass or through hedges.

Hardscaping elements like furniture, gentle ramps that match the scenery, and stepping stones also enhance the look of your apartment.