The advantages of using natural stone in hardscapes

Natural stone is an excellent way to add practical and attractive hardscapes to your property. This durable, low maintenance material resolves common landscaping problems and makes outdoor areas more comfortable. It adds color and texture, enhancing the beauty of your landscaping.

Issues like erosion, swampy areas or turf damage are ugly and problematic for maintenance workers. There is almost always a spot where nothing will grow. Build an attractive natural stone retaining wall to stop erosion on slopes. Consider covering a swampy area with decorative stones or building a patio. Make that unsightly shortcut worn through your lawn practical and attractive with a natural stone walkway.

Natural stone hardscaping saves money on heating costs and extends plant life. Stone absorbs heat but loses it slowly, so use it close to a building. Annual plants and flowers are an investment and the warmth from hardscaping helps keep them alive longer in cool weather. When the plants do die, the warmth and color in the natural stone adds interest to otherwise empty flower beds.

Natural stone looks natural and inviting. The color, sizes and shapes of the stones vary and blend in with the landscape. It entices residents to apartment complexes not only because it is beautiful but also adds outdoor living space.

Durable as well as attractive, natural stone withstands heavy use and varied weather conditions. It withstands heavy use and the repair costs are low, making it ideal for high traffic areas. It cleans easily with soap and water, eliminating the need for expensive special cleaners.

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