Strategic Landscaping for Pool Areas

Pools are extremely popular at apartment complexes and townhouse properties. It’s an easy way to make your property appealing to potential tenants, especially in our warm North Carolina climate. Although tenants enjoy constant pool access in the summer, you still have to maintain them. Your choice of landscape around the pool can make maintenance much easier and more enjoyable all around. You may want to consider the following.

1. Permeable paving around the pool

Pools, of course, are a major source of puddles. The correct choice of permeable paving will cause excess water to sink through the surface away from people’s feet. Thus, preventing any slipping and sliding that may occur otherwise.

2. Pick plants that won’t drop leaves into pool filters

Laws generally mandate putting a fence around the pool, and people like to surround their pool fences with trees or shrubs to increase privacy and add to the aesthetic appeal. The only drawback with this is that they can drop leaves and berries in your pool. This can make walking around the pool in bare feet unpleasant and even clog filters. Picking plants that don’t shed their leaves will create a beautiful aesthetic with minimal upkeep.

3. Add proper furniture and greenery around the edges for maximum comfort

Your choice of furniture largely affects a tenant’s overall pool experience. It is important to choose furniture that is not only functional but also comfortable. In addition, strategically placing greenery in areas that provide nice spots of shade improve the overall experience as well.

Not only will a nice appearance to your pool area make your property more attractive, but it will encourage tenants to take good care of the pool as well.