Storm-Proofing Your Multifamily Dwelling

Storm-proofing Your Multifamily Dwelling

This is the season for storms. As the Home Owner Association’s head, you are probably dreading it because if you get hit with violent winds and tons of snow, you have both the headache of taking care of your home, but fielding the complaints of the neighbors. You can, however, lower the amount of damage that a storm can do by taking three steps.

1. Keep on top of the snow levels

Don’t let the situation snowball (sorry, had to pun.) Seriously though, keep the walkways, roofs and other surfaces as clear of snow as possible throughout the season. That way, when a storm dumps pounds of snow on you, you aren’t also dealing with the weight of old snow. This is especially important because the old snow gets compacted under the new snow and becomes difficult to deal with.

2. Cut back the branches

It cannot be repeated enough: old dead branches that are close to windows are hazards just waiting for a good strong gust of wind to launch them through the glass. You don’t want to be dealing with the broken glass on the grounds, especially if your townhouses are the type that own all the outside structures. The branches should also be clear of roofs and power lines. Home Owner Associations are often in charge of fixing the roof, so preserving it is in your financial interest.

3. Keep your drains and gutters clear

This is another case of not letting things back up until there is an emergency. Rainwater and snowmelt can quickly become floodwaters. That is dangerous for everyone. It can seep into homes and damage the structures. It can trip people and contribute to flooding. Do regular sweeps of the neighborhood to clear out drains and gutters so that stormwater has a safe place to go.