Start Early Preparing Your Commercial Landscaping for Summer

Preparing your Commercial Landscaping for summer should start as soon as the weather starts warming up during spring. It is imperative that you get a jump-start on conditioning the grass as well as other landscape features. This will protect against the harsh effects from summer weather patterns. It is also necessary to stop the growth of weeds and unwanted plants.

Commercial property owners and homeowner associations should not put off landscaping maintenance during springtime. This is the best time to jump-start the growth of healthy roots in grass and other plants. Healthy root systems prevent damage from heavy rains, winds, and even prolonged drought. Fertilizing in the early spring gives grass the nutrients it needs to grow. This creates an ideal environment for a strong, healthy root base that will have benefits throughout the year. It can save you a lot of money preventing costly landscaping repairs due to powerful summer storms.

Early spring is the time for mulching and applying pre-emergent treatments. They stop the unwanted growth of weeds so that they are easier to control during the summer months. Weeds lay dormant until the soil reaches a certain temperature, and there is sufficient moisture. This is the ideal time for killing the weed before it ever gets to grow. Once a weed develops a strong root structure, destroying the weed becomes very difficult. Some weeds don’t even show up until the hot, dry days of summer. This is due to having a longer root system than grass, but is easily destroyed by pre-emergent treatments.

If you would like more information on getting a jump-start on your spring landscaping, and preparing your lawn for summer please contact us.