Stand Out and Create a Safe Environment for Your Tenants

Spring has sprung, and many home owners’ associations (HOA’s) are just itching to start planting. Who can blame them? The weather is warming up, the ground is wet, and the flowers are blooming. However, in all the excitement, it is easy to overlook other important components like hardscapes.

Why should you think of hardscapes this season?

There are quite a few reasons, but the most pressing is probably their ubiquity. Hardscapes include pathways and retaining walls, which are necessary for the health of your property. Your tenants need paths to their houses, and shabby paths make the rest of the property look appealing. At the very least, your potential tenants want to see that you care for the walkways and drainage systems. You might as well use this to your advantage. You can have a classy-looking pathway made of permeable pavers that compliment the rest of the landscape. Your retaining wall is a necessary part of your irrigation system, so why not have the wall act as a focal point that impresses potential renters?

The second reason you should consider hardscapes even in the height of planting season is that they are a durable, low-maintenance way to make a place really stand out. Decorative stone work and permeable pavers don’t need a lot of care. They generally require to be swept clean, checked out for chips, and weeded regularly. Then they will look pretty for years to come.

The third reason to seriously look at your hardscapes is safety. A multi-family property has many people tramping through the grounds. You want your pathways to promote safety for your tenants, and a good way of doing that is to choose materials that drain water. In addition, creating patios of permeable pavers and decorative stone keeps your tenants out of the slippery mud on your property, limiting their chance of injury.

Although we are all excited for the warmer seasons ahead, vibrant splashes of color in floral form, and tall, budding trees, it is important to also consider other factors that are crucial in maintaining and improving our properties.