Spring Hardscape Maintenance Tips

Hardscapes require upkeep, in spite of what some people think. Sure, they are usually made from materials that seem impervious to weather events, but prolonged exposure to harsh elements can irreparably damage them.

Just as you would take care of a wood deck, your lawn, and even your carpet, you should also be taking care of your hardscapes.

So to keep all of your pavers and hardscapes looking great and lasting a very long time, here are some tips to help you along.

Address Efflorescence: Efflorescence is when crystalline deposits form on your hardscapes. You’ll know it by its white-like color, which is sometimes called “whiskers” in the industry. To remove it, a simple scrubbing will work fine. Just use the right chemicals or detergents for each hardscape.

Remove Oils: Depending on the location of your hardscapes, and what sort of traffic they receive, they can see their fair share of oil deposits. These are simply removed by pouring some boiling water on them. Let it soak for a few minutes, then blot with paper towels.

Rust Stains: If you have a rust stain, you are in for some trouble. Removing rust is quite difficult. What’s worse, most commercial rust removers cause damage. Our suggestions is to try a product called “Iron Out,” or just replace the pavers completely.

Applying Sealers: Sealers protect hardscapes, and bring them to life after neglect. The important thing about sealers is to apply them when the material is totally dried out, and to follow the directions. Also, never apply them when the material is too hot. You want it to soak in and protect, not be rejected.

Follow these simple tips, and let your hardscapes keep their beauty and function for a long time.

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