Special Requirements For Multi-family Property Landscaping Maintenance

There are many types of multi-family dwelling units: apartment buildings, duplexes, townhouses, and condominiums. Each type comes with its own special requirements, but they all also share some needs over that of a residential home. That’s why multi-family property landscaping maintenance is a specialized field. Here are just a few of the reasons that you should get a company that has experience in maintaining the landscape of your particular type of investment property.

More People Means More Maintenance

The grounds of a multi-family property has to accommodate the extra people with extra space. It also has to take in to account the fact that multiple families increase wear. The extra feet will do more damage than a single pair to your turf, mulch and plants.

Keeping The Grounds Safe Has Added Obstacles

A big space can give you opportunities for some beautiful landscaping, but the beauty can come at the price of added maintenance. Few residential spaces can support big ponds, collections of trees, or basketball courts surrounded by hedges. Such perks please residents and drive up the value of your property, but only if they are kept in good shape. When they aren’t maintained, they get dangerous. Someone has to remove dead trees before a kid climbs one and it breaks. Someone needs to keep hedges and weeds under control.

Working With A HOA

A home owners association is a special legislative body. HOA’s normally change elected officials once a year, and their members generally work full-time or are volunteering many places at once. They have their own legal requirements and bylaws. Any landscaping company that wants to work on a property run by one will have to understand their constraints.

Keeping The Place Attractive For Future Renters

Many properties have a mix of rental and owned units, and some places are completely rented out. Rental units tend to have a higher turnover rate than owned units, with new people moving in all the time. You will want a landscape that specifically attracts these new customers. That means careful seasonal changes that compliment your existing landscape and suggests a peaceful living space to everyone.

If you have a multi-family property that you need to maintain, contact us. We have 29 years of working specifically with your type of unit, and we will make sure it looks right.