Shopping Center Maintenance: Tasks to Perform before the Christmas Rush

You may not be thinking of Christmas yet, but chances are your customers are (or will be very soon). The Christmas shopping season will be here before you know it, which is why you need to take steps now to ensure your business is ready to receive them. Here are some shopping center maintenance tasks that need to be done now so you’ll be ready.

Outside Cleaning

The outside of your shopping center is what customers will see first whenever they arrive. If it’s dirty, some won’t even want to shop there, which is why you should have the exterior of your establishment cleaned by:

Having siding power washed
Cleaning windows from top to bottom both inside and out
Removing debris from gutters
Pressure washing sidewalks to remove greasy film, chewing gum and dirt

You’ll also need to ensure any green space you do have is neat and well maintained as well. Things like raking leaves, pulling weeds and trimming shrubbery all need attention during this time of year. Taking care of these small tasks will spruce up your property and add new life to it, which could just help you attract attention that will bring in new customers.

Painting and Lights

Now is also an excellent time to touch up your exterior paint, particularly on your entry door and hand rails. Follow this up with an inspection of your exterior lighting to make sure it is working properly, since shorter days means it’s more likely people will visit whenever it’s dark outside.

Just because the days are a bit cooler doesn’t mean you can’t still have landscaping performed. In fact, commercial landscaping is one thing that will help you attract customers more than anything else. Here at Long Brothers Landscaping, we can help you take care of all your seasonal maintenance and landscaping needs, and invite you to contact us in order to find out more.