Shopping Center Maintenance: Make A Schedule Of It

Shopping centers are really labor-intensive endeavors. You have to attend to the insurance and rents, and you have to deal with keeping up the appearance of the buildings. One of the most important things you can do is create a schedule for your landscaping company to come to your center to maintain it regularly. There are a couple of reasons to invest in the schedule.

Keep Lawn In Top Form

Most shopping centers have a lawn. They make nice places for people to hang out and provide a meadow-like touch to your shopping mall. However, lawns take a lot of work. They have to be mowed to the ideal one-inch height, fertilized at the right time, and checked for irrigation gaps. Lawns are temperamental and can quickly develop brown spots that make your shopping center look shabby. An untended lawn can also harbor bugs, which can lead to insect invasions in your shopping mall. Hiring a landscaping company to come in regularly, say once a week, to monitor the health of the lawn and keep it in great form, will improve your shopping mall’s appearance.

Keep On Top Of Safety Issues

Your tenants rely on you to keep the surrounding areas safe for their customers. Safe customers are shopping customers, and a landscaping company can contribute a lot to reducing the hazards around the stores. They can trim any branches that might trip a customer. They fix irrigation pipes to limit puddles so customers don’t slip on them or track water onto your floors. They can make sure hardscapes are in top condition so no benches crumble or sidewalks trip anyone. Landscape companies can do this as often as you need so that your tenant’s customers are always safe.