Shopping Center Maintenance: It’s Time to Rotate Those Annuals!

Does your shopping center maintenance list include rotating annuals? If not, it should. There are many benefits that come from rotating a center’s annuals, not the least of which is giving repeat customers something new to talk about during their next visit. Think about it. What shopping center manager or tenant wants customers to stop talking about them in excited terms? Well, that’s precisely what could happen if your venue’s appearance and product offerings never change.

Of course rotating annuals does more than just perk up customers and please tenants. It also goes a long way in reducing incidents of disease, thwarting pests, reducing chemical usage and improving soil fertility. Our shopping center maintenance team has found that the key to success is rotating the annuals at the right time and knowing which plants to use in any given area. There are many theories that commercial landscapers rely on to make those decisions. Let’s take botanical families as examples.

Many commercial landscapers believe that species belonging to a particular botanical family should not replace one another unless a period of two years or more has passed by. In order words, let’s assume that your shopping center has beds filled with sedums. Landscapers who adhere to the previously mentioned theory would not plant sedums or any other member of the Crassulacea family in those beds during periods of rotation. They may choose mums, geraniums, impatiens or begonias instead.

Other commercial landscapers prefer to take an annual’s disease resistance or other weaknesses into account. So, plants that have a tendency to develop certain diseases or attract destructive insects would not be rotated with each other for fear of increasing an outbreak or infestation. To learn more about the science behind rotating annuals, please contact us at Long Brothers Landscaping. Our shopping center maintenance crew may be reached online or by calling our office in Raleigh, North Carolina.